The most advanced platform for healthcare intelligence.

Data-driven tools that empower leaders to improve healthcare.

We push data to the limits

We curate proprietary healthcare databases to weed out the noise and leave no relevant signal behind. As healthcare transparency grows, we’re on the forefront of capturing and extracting every last bit of insight.

Expert Curation

We identify and source the most relevant data, leveraging decades of industry leadership and subject matter expertise in healthcare and life sciences.

Sophisticated Linkage

We use state-of-the-art data engineering, data science, and machine intelligence techniques to dynamically link entities across multiple data sources, types, and formats.

Hidden Information

We deeply interrogate data using sophisticated analytics to proactively unearth intelligence that is typically unavailable or hard-to-access.

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Komodo Health’s innovative, industry leading healthcare intelligence solution has been licensed by many of the top bio-pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our products facilitate data-driven discovery, segmentation and analysis, cross-functional workflow and intelligence sharing, and tracking/reporting.

Industry Knowledge + Technology Expertise

The Komodo Health team includes leaders and experienced executives spanning healthcare, big data engineering and software development, and services, optimizing the way you engage a rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem.

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Our mission has attracted top minds and elite talent from organizations spanning healthcare, digital health/health-tech, and pure technology companies.

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